About Me.

The name’s Kevin Schultz. I am a senior English and journalism double major with a minor in honors at Northern Kentucky University.

Kevin Schultz is The Northerner Green Beat photographer, writer, reporter and editor.

Kevin Schultz is The Northerner Green Beat photographer, writer, reporter and editor.

Serving as the current digital projects manager and former Editor-in-Chief of NKU’s independent and student-run news organization The Northerner and as the president of NKU’s chapter of the Society of Professional journalists, I am working hard to gain the experience needed to make a meaningful difference with my reporting—while also still trying to have some fun and explore the world along the way!

In my (limited) free time I am an avid runner, obsessive list-maker, bookworm, hiker, music junkie, self-proclaimed coffee addict, travel lover and much, much more.

But, most of all (for this project’s sake), let’s call me the founder, sole reporter, photographer and overall do-it-yourself backpack journalist for this blog: The Northerner Green Beat.

My inspiration for this project stems from my overly-optimistic passion for the fields of communication and science, and my zest for meaningful work. I love journalism because it has the ability to open peoples’ eyes and promote meaningful change. So, what more I could aspire for in a future career than to be a part of this change in an area I love?

And—while we’re at it— what is more important to focus on than making a meaningful impact towards the environment; the thing whose well-being holds all of ours in its hands.

So let’s get green.

This blog is a part of Kevin Schultz’s senior project for his Northern Kentucky University honor’s capstone. Follow him @KevinEdSchultz on Twitter or look for his hashtag, #NorthernerGreenBeat, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more on this project and others like it.

See more of Kevin’s work at his TheNortherner.com profile. Or, click and download/view his Resume.


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