Unearthing the urban forest: video is NOT your enemy

Cars blasted music into the air, trains blew their whistling horns in the distance and birds chirped in the clear sky as I looked around and found myself standing in the middle of a forest in Price Hill last spring.

Yes, a forest in Price Hill—that’s what I said.  Actually, an urban forest… to be more exact.

I was there to report on a project two NKU students were doing to save the forest.

And as I saw the distinct scene that was a quintessential part of the story I was about to tell, I knew it called for more than just written text—I needed visuals to show people this place, instead of just telling them about it.

So I grabbed my camera and tripod, with very limited video training, and went to work.

Following a couple of students from NKU to the Price Hill Urban Forest in which they worked, I documented their efforts to save the forest (a place they said plays a critical part in the health of the urban community around it, through connecting the community with natural elements of the world).

NKU environmental science student Katie Ollier records data with fellow student Luke Freeman.

NKU environmental science student Katie Ollier records data with fellow student Luke Freeman.

After publishing my text story, with the video and photos, the feedback was almost instantaneous. The NKU community loved the story of students working to save a place so important to the tri state, and loved even more that they were actually able to see the project through the video.

Overall, the story and video both received a good amount of views (compared with the amount of page views a typical Northerner story gets). And although it was a bit more work and not 100 percent what I am used to doing as a reporter, there was something about doing it that just felt right. Plus editing the video and photos was a lot of fun too.

Lesson of the story here is this: when a story calls for video, use it. It’s not that difficult and can only add to the quality of your storytelling.

I  plan to do more videos in the future.  I hope the rest of The Northerner staff will plan to do the same.

See the full story at TheNortherner.com by clicking here.


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